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PETG Bottle Advantages

1. We recommend filling colored liquid or paste when taking pictures so that it is more

Can highlight the transparency of the product

2. Essential oils and water, lotion bottles can be configured with different caps and pump heads, sprays

3. Focus on the characteristics of "environmental protection, simplicity, high transparency, thickness and corrosion resistance".

4. Raw materials we choose imported materials from SK and EASTMAN

5. The color masterbatches we choose are products from international first-line manufacturers such as PolyOne and Clariant.

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Jiangyin Cheery Cosmetic Packaging Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, the company is currently the only domestic factory specializing in thick-walled PETG bottles and anodized aluminum plastic caps. It is an integrated supplier of plastic and aluminum packaging, which includes R&D, production, and sales.



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