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The difference between the type of Plastic cap and its process

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The Plastic cap is a commonly used packaging form for bottles, cans, and barrels, especially in the fields of cosmetics, skincare products, beverages, chemicals, and medicine. Do you know what types of Plastic caps are there? Do you know what processes are available for Plastic caps? What is the difference between the processes? Next, let's take a look at the difference between the type of Plastic cap and its process. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

Three types of Plastic caps.

Comparison and main differences between injection molding process and compression molding process.

Three types of Plastic caps.

Without air cap

Air-free caps are also called sealing caps, Plastic caps, anti-theft caps, etc. It has good air tightness, and there is a ring-shaped leak-proof ring on the inner wall of the top of the general plastic cover; there are standard plastic bucket covers that require to be matched with the inner cover, thus there's no ought to style a leak-proof ring; there are many ribs round the main body of the plastic cowl, it's useful to use torsion force on the plastic cowl.

Air cap

Air-containing caps are known as vent caps, exhaust caps, combined vent caps, and so on. The breathable cap is mostly composed of a main body outer cowl with tiny holes associate degreed an inner cowl containing a breathable membrane. The breathable membrane will impassively vent and block the effect of liquid. This Plastic cap can balance the pressure inside and outside the container to avoid the inner product expands or contracts due to physical or chemical changes.

Inner cover

The inner cap also becomes the inner stopper, the inner cap of the barrel mouth, the inner cap of the bottle mouth, the stopper, and so on. Generally, containers with a capacity of more than 3L can be equipped with this kind of Plastic cap. The inner lid increases the sealing degree of the container, and the sealing effect is better than a single outer lid!

Comparison and main differences between injection molding process and compression molding process.

First, the injection molding cap needs to heat the material to a melt flow state, and the temperature is about 250°C; compression molding only needs to be heated to about 180°C, and the energy consumption of the injection molding cap is higher than that of the injection cap. Second, the compression molding processing temperature is low, the shrinkage is small, and the capsize is more accurate. Third, the injection molding fills all the cavities at one time, and the compression molding extrudes one bottle cap material at a time. Compression molding extrusion pressure is very small, while injection molding requires relatively high pressure. Fourth, the injection mold is large, and it is troublesome to replace a single cavity; each cavity of compression molding is relatively independent and can be replaced separately. Fifth, the compression molding cap making machine is a special Plastic cap machine, which has a special molding design for the Plastic cap; the bottle cap injection molding machine is not specifically designed for the Plastic cap, so the compression Plastic cap can be made into a bell mouth and the hanging rate High, users like to use.

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