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Advantages of Aluminum cap:

1. The application of anodized aluminum caps and anodized aluminum bottles in the cosmetic bottle packaging market and high-end health care product packaging. Anodized aluminum bottles have a beautiful appearance and are very beneficial to improve the packaging grade. Whether it is a lotion bottle or a sunscreen bottle, there are a large number of packaging. The anodized aluminum outer packaging

2. Good hand feels, more textured than UV cover.

3. It can be tested for resistance to products such as salt spray, and the color will not fade, the color will last, and the coating will not fall off like ordinary plastic cover electroplating.

4. Products that have high requirements on packaging materials such as perfume and essence can be filled.

5. No heavy metals.

6. It can be easily processed by other processes, such as wire drawing, silk screen printing, bronzing, embossed logo, sand surface treatment, etc.

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Jiangyin Cheery Cosmetic Packaging Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, the company is currently the only domestic factory specializing in thick-walled PETG bottles and anodized aluminum plastic caps. It is an integrated supplier of plastic and aluminum packaging, which includes R&D, production, and sales.



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