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The structure and application of the Plastic cap

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The Plastic cap is too common and too cheap, so after opening it without winning a prize, it will be thrown away. Few people understand it. With the increase of environmental protection awareness, many Plastic cap's magical uses have appeared on the Internet, and the bottle cap has been modified. One can turn waste into treasure and solve some problems in life. So, do you know the structure of the Plastic cap? Do you know the application of Plastic caps? Next, let's take a look at the structure and application of the Plastic cap. Here are some answers.

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The structure of the Plastic cap.

The Plastic cap has been widely used.

The structure of the Plastic cap.

The Plastic cap is fastened to the bottle mouth through cooperation with the bottle mouth to prevent the leakage of the contents of the bottle and the intrusion of bacteria from the outside. The internal test of the Plastic cap is a section of thread. Its function is that during the process of filling the bottle, there will be content remaining in the mouth of the bottle. To facilitate the flushing with water after filling, it is also in the process of opening the cap. Within the middle, a part of the gas within the bottle is discharged through the gap, so once the cap is unscrewed, the cap won't fly off and hurt folks, and therefore the cap won't fall on the bottom and acquire dirty.

There is a small circle under the Plastic cap called a one-time breaking anti-theft ring. When you unscrew the cap, the anti-theft ring will fall off and stay on the bottle. This device is for safety and health. If the anti-theft ring falls off and isn't connected to the bottle cap, it suggests that it's been it's not safe and sanitary when used. There are many strip-shaped anti-skid grooves on the outer edge of the Plastic cap, which is convenient for increasing friction when opening the cap.

The Plastic cap has been widely used.

The metal caps are principally used for brewage, health products, food, etc., and therefore the plastics are principally used for beverages, food, cosmetics, etc. The fabric of the Plastic cap is usually PP material or letter of the alphabet material. Within the period, the bottle cap was fabricated from cork, and later it had been fabricated from screwed iron. Within the mid-1990s, a precise whole company made plastic bottled beverages, substitution metallic element and iron bottle caps with plastic bottle caps. Plastic caps are widely used because of their varied blessings.

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