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The related introduction to PETG bottle

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Many purchasers don't perceive cosmetic OEM packaging materials. The purpose and characteristics of the PETG bottle in cosmetic packaging are not clear. Today, I'll make a case for it intimately to you! Next, let's take a look at the related introduction of PETG bottles. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

What are the uses of the PETG bottle?

The advantages of the PETG bottle.

PETG bottle can replace PC bottle.

What are the uses of the PETG bottle?

PETG bottle is mainly used in cosmetics: skincare products (creams, lotions), perfumes, essential oils, nail polishes have a small capacity, and the capacity of more than 200ml is rarely used in cosmetics. PETG bottles are divided into wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles. The solid paste is typically a wide-mouth bottle. It ought to be equipped with AN metal cowl or a plastic cowl. Bottle caps will be used for color sprays and alternative effects; body lotions or water-based pastes typically use narrow-mouth bottles, that ought to be equipped with pump heads. If the cap is supplied with an inner plug, the liquid is supplied with a tiny low hole and an inner plug, and also the thicker lotion is supplied with an oversized hole inner plug.  PETG bottle hoses are divided into single-layer double-layer five-layer hoses, which are different in resistance to pressure, penetration, and hand feeling, such as the five-layer tube from the outer layer to the inner layer, two adhesive layers, and a barrier layer. The PETG bottle hose has excellent gas barrier properties, which can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and odorous gases, and prevent the odor of the contents and the leakage of active ingredients.

The advantages of the PETG bottle.

PETG bottle is a transparent bottle. It has excellent optical properties, a high gloss surface, and low turbidity. Its light transmittance is close to 90%, which is very close to acrylic and is more transparent than polycarbonate (PC). The light rate is better. In addition, PETG bottle has a wide range of chemical resistance (such as coffee, chocolate, oil, acid). PETG bottle has excellent chemical resistance to the following chemicals: automotive oils, soap liquids, detergents, detergents, carpet cleaners, toothpaste and peppermint oil, perfumes, cooking oils, 2-propanol, hydrocarbon solvents Wait.

PETG bottle can replace PC bottle.

An important use of PCTG is to replace PC. When high-temperature resistance is not required, PETG bottles can only be used normally below 80℃, because PCTG is very close to PC in some properties, and some properties are even better than PC: such as chemical resistance, transparency, printing, and environmental protection. Performance, ductility, processability, and resistance to internal stress.

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