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The design, concept change, and budget of Cosmetic packaging

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PET plastic bottles are cheap, transparent, air-tight, have good compressive strength, and are easy to mold. It not only solves the bottle shape design, safety, transportation, and other issues of the glass container but also avoids the shape design and opacity of the metal container. Several of the higher than characteristics create it a lot of and a lot of wide employed in Cosmetic packaging. Next, let's take a look at the design, concept change, and budget of Cosmetic packaging. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

The design of Cosmetic packaging.

The change in the Cosmetic packaging concept is worthy of attention.

Cosmetic packaging should be kept within your budget.

The design of Cosmetic packaging.

Good Cosmetic packaging can stand out instantly and make people refreshing. The packaging style is a very important part of Cosmetic packaging. In addition to continuing to preserve and develop the traditional functions of protecting products, facilitating storage and transportation, it also shows more of the conveying function and aesthetic function of brand product information. The use of colors in packaging design can not only make the packaging more eye-catching, attract consumers' attention, make consumers desire to buy, but also express the texture and characteristics of the product, and beautify and decorate the packaging. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people are no longer only satisfied with food and clothing but are becoming pickier and pickier about commodities. The competition between makers and similar merchandise has become progressively fierce, and also the style of Cosmetic packaging ought to highlight the knowledge and worth functions of the merchandise. The novel and unique packaging design can guide the market for healthy competition.

The change in the Cosmetic packaging concept is worthy of attention.

In the Cosmetic packaging market, we have always been adhering to the high-end luxury design concept. Whether it is domestic or international cosmetics brands, we see them in shopping malls. In cosmetic packaging, regardless of the material or design, the cost is mainly to create high-end luxury appearance.

From a traditional perspective, on cosmetics shelves, under the action of lighting, high-end materials, and luxurious styles of Cosmetic packaging can make consumers have impulsive consumer psychology and are willing to pay high prices. However, in recent years, with the rise of domestic cosmetics brands and the increasingly rational consumption of cosmetics by women. People's consumer psychology of pursuing high-end luxury cosmetics in the past has begun to change, and they have begun to tend to rational cosmetic consumption concepts. With the change of people's consumption concept, Cosmetic packaging should also shift from the high-end direction in the past to the practice of green humanized direction.

Cosmetic packaging should be kept within your budget.

Your Cosmetic packaging should be less than 5% of the retail price of the product. This is a rule of thumb. If you have got a high-end product with a retail value of quite a hundred yuan, you'll be able to opt for a spread of luxurious designs and even customize tools to realize the specified impact. If your budget is small and your product is not too expensive, Cosmetic packaging in PP, PET, or HDPE plastic will do the job; but this does not mean that you can't brighten the shelves brightly. Technical advantages allow various decorations and finishes on the Cosmetic packaging to transform ordinary packaging into extraordinary packaging.

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