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What are the functions of the Aluminum cap?

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An Aluminum cap is used to seal the bottle. According to different functions, there are Aluminum caps with different shapes and different operating methods. The design of the Aluminum cap is bizarre, and designers racked their brains to make it more innovative and attractive. Next, let's take a look at the role of the Aluminum cap. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

The role of the Aluminum cap.

Use of waste Aluminum cap.

The role of the Aluminum cap.

The Aluminum cap is where consumers first come into contact with products. The Aluminum cap has the function of keeping the product airtight, anti-theft opening, and safe, so it is widely used in bottled products, so Aluminum cap is the key product for bottle container packaging. In the early development of the Aluminum cap, cork was used.

Because the Aluminum cap is an important part of the packaging industry, the strong changes in downstream consumer market demand will directly affect the market demand for bottle caps. The booming cosmetics industry has higher requirements for product packaging, and consequently Demand Aluminum cap products. And Aluminum cap products occupy a key position in the cosmetic packaging industry, so the development trend of cosmetics will directly affect the demand for Aluminum cap products. In recent years, the demand for the Aluminum cap product market has been stable and showing a growing trend, but the packaging materials used are the only ones used.

Use of waste Aluminum cap.

First, an Aluminum cap can be used to peel ginger. The shape of the ginger is uneven and the volume is small. It is very troublesome to remove the ginger skin. You can use the teeth around the Aluminum cap to peel the ginger skin, which is fast and convenient. Second, an Aluminum cap can be used to scrape fish scales. Take a small round rod about 15 cm long, nail 2 to 4 Aluminum caps on one end, and use the teeth on the end of the Aluminum cap to scrape the scales. An Aluminum cap is a good tool for scraping scales. Third, use waste Aluminum caps as decorations. Collect the lids on cosmetics in large glass bottles and put them in the dining room or living room. It is a very unique decoration. Fourth, an Aluminum cap can be used to make handles. Some Aluminum caps are very beautiful and can be used as drawer handles. Use steel to engrave a loop on the neck of the bottle. Use a cotton thread soaked in alcohol to tie the bottle to the nick. Light the cotton thread. When the flame is about to extinguish, immerse the bottle in cold water and the mouth of the bottle can be cut off. Use appropriate bolts and eye rings to fix the bottle mouth on the drawer, and then screw the Aluminum cap onto the bottle mouth. Fifth, an Aluminum cap can make the furniture slide well. Put an Aluminum cap under each leg of the furniture to slide the furniture.

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