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What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a PETG bottle?

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PETG has a fun secondary processing performance. Excellent ductility makes a variety of secondary processing methods of PETG possible. You can perform laser cutting, milling, die-cutting, drilling, welding, punching, hot bending, cold bending (limited to 2.5 mm or less), screw connection, or fixing to their products. Then do you know why PETG bottles should be chosen for cosmetic bottles? What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a PETG bottle? Here are some answers.

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What are the advantages of choosing a PETG bottle?

What are the disadvantages of choosing a PETG bottle?

What are the advantages of choosing a PETG bottle?

PETG bottles are all environmentally friendly materials (recycled environmentally friendly materials). The material has FDA/ROHS/SGS certification and can be recycled. The substances that burn or degrade are carbon dioxide and water. Compared with PET processing, PETG bottle is prone to produce B, and PC processing is prone to produce bisphenol A, although PETG materials can be directly applied to packaging materials for blood products that require high solubility. The optical properties of the PETG bottle are similar (highly transparent material), and the light transmittance is the same as that of PMMA, which is better than that of PC. In the thick-walled state, the glass has more luster and will not be better plasticized. If there is a pattern similar to glass products, it will be better. PETG bottle has extremely high elongation and elongation tensile properties, not easy to deform (good elongation), excellent impact resistance (impact toughness), 5-10 times higher than PMMA, and particularly good low-temperature impact resistance, it can still be used normally at -40 low temperature. The chemical resistance of PETG bottles (good chemical resistance) can directly inhale gasoline, soap, detergent, peppermint oil, perfume, alcohol, and other products into PETG bottles, which can be applied to almost all cosmetic packaging. PETG bottle is different from PMMA and cannot directly choose the product.

What are the disadvantages of choosing a PETG bottle?

The high-temperature performance of PETG bottles is insufficient, and the material supplier suggests that the problem is below 70. Our thick-walled products have been tested, and the container has not changed after being boiled at 90 degrees for 5 minutes. If the customer has high-temperature requirements, it is recommended to use high-temperature resistant PCTG materials, which can withstand high temperatures of 100 degrees, but the cost will increase even more. PETG processing is difficult, especially for large-volume thick-wall blown bottles. At present, only a few factories including our company can produce in China.

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