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Advantages and significance of Aluminum cap

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Aluminum packaging is an important part of the modern packaging industry, and Aluminum cap uses safe, hygienic, non-toxic, odorless, and high-quality materials to be used in cosmetics, skincare, and other industries. At the same time, the Aluminum cap is more and more popular with consumers because of its safety and hygiene, convenient eating, easy transportation and recycling, and no pollution to the environment. Our company has a strong technical force and stable quality, which is worthy of rest assured. Here is a brief introduction to the advantages and significance of the Aluminum cap. Here are some answers.

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What are the advantages of the Aluminum cap?

What is the significance of an Aluminum cap?

What are the advantages of the Aluminum cap?

First, the Aluminum cap is made of high-quality aluminum material, which is hygienic, will not rust, and is easy to open without auxiliary tools. When gap, the bottle cap is harmful, which may effectively forestall thievery. Second, the Aluminum cap has the advantages of good cushioning, shock resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc. And is non-toxic, non-absorbent, non-dust, peeling, and scaling, and features a superb protection performance. Third, Aluminum caps are often the product of chrome steel shot with high-temperature resistance, boiling resistance, alcohol resistance, etc. According to customer requirements. The pattern style will use color printing, embossing, and edge. Fourth, the Aluminum cap inner pad uses special glue materials and advanced production technology to make it have excellent airtightness after sealing the bottle, and the surface of the cap has a larger plane, which makes the printing of assorted text brand patterns and bottle caps a lot of lovely. It conjointly makes your product a lot of value.

What is the significance of an Aluminum cap?

The metal cap protection and gap torsion worth of bottled cosmetics and different instrumentation products are one in all the method parameters that the assembly unit focuses on offline or online management. Whether the torque value of the Aluminum cap is appropriate has a great impact on the intermediate transportation of the product and the final consumption.

People apply cosmetics to human skin or facial features through methods such as smearing, spraying, and spraying to achieve the effects of cleaning, beautification, care, maintenance, and modification. According to the type, it is often divided into liquid, lotion, cream, powder, block, and oil. Liquid and emulsion cosmetics packaging area unit roughly divided into bottles, tubes, and bags. Bottled cosmetics area unit divided into two varieties of materials: plastic bottles and glass bottles. The bottle mouth is split into rotary, push-pull, and push-type. Among them, the rotary bottle the mouth is often packaged with a screw cap, which requires manual rotation and unscrewing before use. If the Aluminum cap is too tight, it is not convenient for consumers to open it. If the Aluminum cap is loose, there will be quality problems with bottle mouth leakage.

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