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What are the classifications of Plastic caps?

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The Plastic cap is a very commonly used item in our daily life and work, especially the cosmetic bottles and skincare bottles used by our ladies. According to the assembly method with the container, the Plastic cap can be simply divided into the above three categories. Next, let's take a look at it in detail. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:


Snap cover

Welded cover


As the name implies, a screw cap means that the Plastic cap is connected and matched with the container in a rotating way through its threaded structure. Thanks to the advantages of the thread structure, when the screw cap is tightened, a relatively large axial force can be generated through the occlusion between the threads, and the self-locking function can be easily realized. At the same time, some Plastic caps that require higher positioning accuracy will also use screw caps with threaded structures. The characteristic of the screw cap is to tighten or loosen the cap by rotating the cap.

Snap cover

The Plastic cap that fixes itself on the container through a structure such as a claw, we generally call it a snap cap. The buckle cover is designed based on the high toughness of the plastic itself, especially the tougher materials such as PP or PE, which can maximize the advantages of the claw structure. During installation, when the claws of the buckle cover are subjected to a certain pressure, they can deform for a short period, stretch over the ratchet structure of the bottle mouth, and then under the elastic action of the material itself, the claws quickly return to their original shape and hold tightly. The mouth of the container, which can fix the Plastic cap on the container. This efficient connection method is particularly favored in industrialized mass production. The feature of the snap-on lid is that the lid is fastened to the mouth of the container by pressing.

Welded cover

A type of cap that directly welds the mouth part of the bottle to the flexible package using welding ribs and other structures is called a welded cap. The welding cap is a derivative of the screw cap and the snap cap, but the liquid outlet of the container is separated separately and assembled on the Plastic cap. Welded caps are a new type of Plastic cap that emerged after plastic flexible packaging, and are widely used in daily chemical, medical, and food industries. The characteristic of the welded cap is that the bottle mouth part of the welded cap is welded to the flexible package by hot melt.

The above is an introduction to the performance characteristics and classification of Plastic caps. Interested friends can learn about it, and you can also consult us if you have related questions. Our official website is If you are engaged in work related to Plastic caps or want to learn more about our company, you can communicate with us on the website.

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