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The role and production process of Plastic cap

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Plastic cap market development analysis found that with the wide application of plastic bottle packaging in these fields, the Plastic cap has become more and more important. So do you know what the Plastic cap does? What is the production process of plastic caps? Next, let's take a look together. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

What role do Plastic caps play?

The production process of Plastic cap.

What role do Plastic caps play?

Plastic cap plays two roles. One is aesthetics. As an integral part of plastic bottle packaging, the small Plastic cap plays a finishing touch. The second is airtightness, which protects the contents, which is also the basic function of the bottle cap. Nowadays, Plastic caps, which are both thin and easy to open, are used in beverage packaging to facilitate consumers and accelerate the development of the beverage industry.

The production process of Plastic cap.

The production and processing process of Plastic caps is similar to the requirements of the bottle body. The difference is that the main raw material of the bottle body is blow molding grade, while the main raw material of the bottle cap is injection molding grade. The production process of Plastic caps is an injection molding process. The main process of the process is: first, feeding: the batch material is mainly conveyed to the hopper of the injection molding machine by a pipeline. After the machine is turned on, the material in the hopper enters the barrel to complete the feeding of the machine. Second, plasticization is a process in which the plastic batch material fed into the barrel from the hopper is heated in the barrel to reach a fluid state and has good plasticity. The requirement is that the plastic reaches the specified molding temperature before entering the mold cavity and provides a sufficient amount of molten plastic within the specified time.

Third, injection: first, the plasticized melt is injected into the mold under the pressure of the screw (injection process). The melt must pass through the nozzle, main (split) runner, and gate when injecting the mold cavity. The resistance is very high. The injection pressure loss can reach 30%-70%, so the process requires sufficient injection pressure to ensure complete mold filling. Then comes the molding stage, which includes the 4 steps of discarding the mold, compacting, backflow, and gate curing. The plastic melt injected into the cavity is cooled and shaped into a Plastic cap. Fourth, cooling and demolding. It mainly refers to the stage from the complete freezing of the plastic at the gate to the release of the lid from the mold. Demoulding is divided into two ways: strong release and spin release. Only by properly grasping each production link and avoiding the occurrence of problems can we produce a sterile Plastic cap that customers of high quality can trust.

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