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Recycled PETG jar material

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PETG is one of the first linear thermoplastic polymers to be industrialized. PETG jar can maintain excellent physical and mechanical properties in a wide temperature range. It has excellent fatigue resistance, friction resistance, and aging resistance, outstanding electrical insulation, stability to most organic solvents and inorganic acids, and PETG jar production with low energy consumption and good processing performance, PETG jar scraps are widely reused in the fields of plastic packaging bottles, films, and synthetic fibers. At present, PETG products are mostly disposable consumer products, and a large amount of PETG jar scraps follow. PETG jar scraps are not easily degraded by air or microorganisms in a short time, occupying a lot of space, causing environmental pollution and visual pollution. The recycling of PETG jar scraps can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also turn waste into treasure, and obtain huge social and economic benefits from it. Let's take a look together next.

The following is a list of contents:

Recycled PETG is widely used

Recycled PETG fiber

Recycled PETG is widely used

Recycled PETG jar scraps are widely used in various fields. A recycled PETG jar can be used in the usual melt spinning equipment to process fibers. Its filaments and staple fibers are widely used in the field of apparel fabrics, which is currently the most widely used field. Recycled PETG jar scraps can be used to produce food-grade packaging containers through the "bottle-to-bottle" recycling process.

In addition, recycled PETG jar scraps can be used to prepare amorphous PETG sheets, packaging tapes, and corrugated awnings. After the recycled PETG jar is reinforced with glass fiber and other fillers, its injection molded parts can be used in automobiles, household appliances, and computers. Alloys and composite materials can make PETG jar scrap recyclables realize high value-added applications.

Recycled PETG jar fiber

Polyester filament

Clothing, bedding, decoration, industrial use, etc. For example, it can be used for imitation silk of shirts, coats, scarves, etc. Recycled PETG jar materials can also be used as quilts, pillowcases, bed sheets, bedspreads, mosquito nets, table cloths, and cotton wool.

Polyester staple fiber

Clothing, decoration, industrial use, etc. Such as T-shirts, casual wear, anti-ultraviolet umbrellas, pillow cores, and cushions. Recycled PETG jar materials can also be made into leather base cloths, wipe cloths, base cloths for building waterproof materials, and concrete pavement reinforcement materials.

Polyester industrial yarn

Buying PETG jar scraps can be used as skeleton materials for conveyor belts, transmission triangle belts, PVC coated fabrics, airbags, fire hoses, hoses, etc., and can be widely used in advertising light box materials, inflatable structural materials, roof construction fabrics, sunshade tents, etc.

At present, the task of protecting the ecological environment is urgent. Encourage the recycling and reuse of recycled PETG jar scraps. For environmental protection, saving resources, changing the structure of my country's long-term dependence on fossil resources, expanding new sources of raw materials, buying PETG jar scraps is going the road to sustainable development is of great benefit to building a beautiful China.

Founded in 2001, the company is currently the only domestic manufacturer specializing in the production of thick-walled PETG bottles and anodized aluminum-plastic bottle caps. Now we are becoming a modern processing, testing, technological innovation, quality management, and excellent engineering design and manufacturing enterprise. The above is about the content of recycled PETG jar materials. If you are interested in the PETG jar, please contact us. Our website is You are very welcome to get it and look forward to working with you.

Jiangyin Cheery Cosmetic Packaging Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, the company is currently the only domestic factory specializing in thick-walled PETG bottles and anodized aluminum plastic caps. It is an integrated supplier of plastic and aluminum packaging, which includes R&D, production, and sales.



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