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PETG jar scrap processing guidelines

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I believe many people know that PETG jar scraps can be widely used, but they may not know how to process PETG jar scraps. Next, let's take a look at the relevant information about PETG jar scraps processing guidelines.

The following is a list of contents:

Injection molding machine

Processing technology

Injection molding machine

1. Ordinary three-stage screw injection molding machine, it is recommended to buy PETG jar scrap manufacturers to use a compression ratio of 2.5:1 to 3.0:1, and a length-to-diameter ratio of L/D=20:1.

2. The weight of finished PETG jar scraps should be 30%-75% of the maximum injection volume of the injection molding machine.

Processing technology

Dry dehumidification or hot air circulation dryer, 65-70℃, 4-6/h. PETG jar scrap material temperature control (see the table below for the barrel setting temperature, pay attention to control the actual temperature to be consistent with the set temperature): lower processing temperature and shorter residence time (<5 minutes), better materials can be obtained Physical properties. It is recommended to buy PETG jar scraps manufacturers to measure the actual temperature of PETG scraps. The normal temperature range of different models is 230℃~270℃. (The temperature needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation of the PETG jar injection molding machine. The temperature of the domestic machine is mostly high, subject to the actual stable injection)

Mold temperature is recommended to buy PETG jar scrap manufacturers to use frozen water to cool the mold, the mold temperature range is 15-40 ℃.

The lower screw speed can prevent the temperature of PETG jar scraps from being too high. It is recommended to use 60-90RPM.

The buffer layer is recommended to use a buffer layer range of 5-10mm. On the one hand, it can prevent the PETG jar material from degrading due to too long a residence time, and on the other hand, it can reduce the injection pressure loss of the PETG jar.

Choose the residence time. The residence time of PETG jar scraps in the barrel should be controlled within 5 minutes, otherwise, the plastic should be emptied before the beer can be made.

Proper back pressure can strengthen the plasticization of PETG jar scraps and help the function of exhaust. It is recommended to use 5-10kgf/cm2. Before using PETG jars-polyester, you must use a transparent PC material cleaning machine. After using Z-polyester, you can use acrylic, PS, and other materials to clean the machine.

PETG jar scrap processing guidelines the material has a slow cooling rate and medium viscosity. The appropriate temperature and molding cooling time should be set according to the mold structure and product thickness. The demolding angle of the main gate should be designed at 3-5°, otherwise, the nozzle will stick to the mold.

The advantages of PETG jar material are good toughness, strong fluidity, high transparency, and easy molding.

Not all PETG jars need to be dried before processing, and products such as PE and PP do not need to be pre-dried. But polyester is the reaction product of acid and glycol, and water is a by-product of the reaction. At the melting temperature of the PETG jar, the reaction is reversible, so the absorbed water must be removed before processing or reverse reaction occurs.

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