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PETG jar packaging is gradually replacing the glass and is widely used

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Transparent PETG jar packaging relies on its more and more transparent appearance in the field of food and beverage packaging. Because PETG has the advantages of a lightweight, good toughness, easy molding, low cost, etc., in modern industrial and daily products, more and more PETG is used to replace glass, especially in optical instruments and packaging industries, and its development is particularly rapid. However, due to its requirements for good transparency, high wear resistance, and good impact resistance toughness, a lot of work has to be done on the composition of PETG, the entire process of the injection molding process, equipment, molds, etc., to ensure that these are used to replace glass PETG, the surface quality is good, to meet the requirements of use. Next, let us take a look at the specific content.

The following is a list of contents:

Strict requirements for transparent PETG jar

Transparent PETG jar market advantage

Strict requirements for transparent PETG jar

Due to the high light transmittance of the transparent PETG jar, the surface quality of the PETG jar must be strictly required, and there must be no spots, pores, whitening, haze, black spots, discoloration, poor gloss, and other defects. Therefore, the entire injection molding process is correct the design of raw materials, equipment, molds, and even products must pay great attention to and put forward strict and even special requirements.

Because transparent PETG jars mostly have high melting points and poor fluidity, to ensure the surface quality of the products, higher temperatures are often required. The process parameters such as injection pressure and injection speed must be fine-tuned so that the mold can be filled when PETG is injected. It will not produce internal stress and cause product deformation and cracking. From the preparation of raw materials, the manufacturers of PETG jar scraps must carry out strict operations on equipment and mold requirements, injection molding process, and product PETG jar scraps processing.

Transparent PETG jar market advantage

With the emergence and addition of transparent PETG bottles such as PET and PP, the lower cost and more advantages of transparent PETG jars have begun to gain the upper hand in the market.

The transparent PETG jar allows customers to see the contents of the package at a glance, which plays a very important role in today's untrusted food consumption. However, the production of transparent PETG jars is not as good as the phenomenon of buying PETG scraps manufacturers. To increase the transparency of PETG jars, BPA needs to be added. BPA is the bisphenol A commonly known as the purchase of PETG scraps manufacturers. Manufacturers of PETG scraps all know that bisphenol A is harmful to the human body, although, under certain conditions, the structure of the PETG jar is stable and will not affect the human body. However, as the transparency increases, the amount of bisphenol A used will increase, which will only be detrimental to the human body.

Therefore, under the same conditions, consumers who want to buy PETG jar scraps can choose those PETG jars or glass bottles that are not so transparent, so that they will be more assured when using them.

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