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Introduction of Plastic cap

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Although injection molding machines have in turn adopted value cuts and varied advantageous promotions, the event trend of Plastic caps created by compression molding technology has not diminished. Since 2001, the amount of compression molding instrumentation purchased by Chinese customers has greatly exceeded that of injection molding instrumentation. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of Plastic caps. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

What are the advantages of a PET Plastic cap?

Plastic caps can play a protective role.

What are the advantages of a PET Plastic cap?

First, the PET Plastic cap combines the texture of the glass cover but maintains the characteristics of the Plastic cap. That is, the Plastic cap can achieve the appearance of the glass cover, but it has the advantages of not being fragile, safe, environmentally friendly, and easy to transport. Second, the flexibility of the choice of PET Plastic cap type is greater, and products with different cap types can be produced, enriching the variety of products. Third, the PET Plastic cap is cheap, transparent, airtight, has good compressive strength, and is easy to shape. Fourth, the main material of the medicine Plastic cap is resin, and its properties are: odorless, odorless, non-toxic, and the surface is matte and will not produce certain harmful gases, which will endanger human health. Fifth, Plastic cap is environmentally friendly and low-cost. Due to the limitation of glass material, manufacturing and recycling will cause certain environmental pollution. With the development of science and technology, Plastic caps can already be recycled and reused after recycling, thereby reducing damage to the environment. Sixth, the use of a Plastic cap is safer. The glass cover is fragile, and it is not 100% safe for children or the elderly to use. In addition, due to the strong thermal conductivity of glass, you can get burnt if you are not careful. The Plastic cap has no such concerns at all.

Plastic caps can play a protective role.

As an important part of cosmetic packaging, Plastic caps play a role in protecting product quality and shaping product personality. After tightening the Plastic cap, the mouth of the bottle goes deep into the top of the cap to the sealing gasket. The measuring groove in the bottle mouth is in close contact with the square thread of the bottle cap to provide pressure for the waterproof surface. A variety of sealing structures can effectively prevent substances from leaking into the bottle. Leakage or deterioration. In addition, screw the plastic bottle and the Plastic caps together, and then connect with the anti-theft ring. To open the plastic bottle cap, you need to loosen the thread combination and disconnect multiple connection points between the bottle cap and the anti-theft ring.

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