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Expertise in recycled PETG jar recycling

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The biggest advantage of recycled PETG jars is that the price is cheaper than new materials. Although its overall performance and attributes are not as strong as new materials, we don't need to use those that have good attributes and performance in many products. The material is used to make it, which wastes a lot of unnecessary attributes. The recycled PETG jar is different. According to different needs, only a certain aspect of the attribute needs to be processed to produce the corresponding product. How much do you know about recycled PETG jars? Let's take a look together next.

The following is a list of contents:

Level 1 return

Secondary return

Three-level return


Level 1 return

Refers to the raw materials used are scraps that have not fallen to the ground, also called scraps, and some are nozzle materials, rubber head materials, etc., which are of good quality and have not been used. In the process of processing new materials, the remaining small Edges, or recycled PETG jar pellets are of poor quality. The recycled PETG particles processed from these wool materials have better transparency, and the quality of the recycled PETG jar particles can be compared with that of new materials, so they are called primary recycled PETG particles or special grade recycled PETG particles.

Secondary return

Refers to the raw materials that have been used once, except for the high-pressure recycled PETG jar pellets. Most of the high-pressure recycled PETG pellets use imported large pieces. If the imported large pieces are industrial films, they have not been exposed to wind and sun, so their quality is also Very good. The processed PETG pellets have good transparency. The manufacturer of PETG scraps should also judge the brightness of the PETG jar pellets and whether the surface is rough.

Three-level return

Refers to the processed PETG jar pellets that have been used twice or more than the raw material. The elasticity and toughness of the processed PETG jar particles are not very good, and they can only be used for injection molding. The primary and secondary recycled PETG jar particles can be used for film blowing, wire drawing, and other purposes.


When heated, it usually has a softening or melting range. When it is softened, it tends to flow under the action of external force. It is a solid, semi-solid, or pseudo-solid polymer at room temperature. Sometimes it can also be a liquid polymer. In the PETG jar industry, it broadly refers to any polymer that is the substrate of the PETG jar.

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